Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sheridan solicitor: "newspaper hacked my phone messages"

The Scottish Herald is reporting this morning that Tommy Sheridan's lawyer Aamer Anwar is planning to make a complaint to the police tomorrow alleging that the the News Of The World tried to "hack" his mobile phone. The article states; "The solicitor, who represented Tommy Sheridan during his perjury trial, said he was contacted by Vodafone shortly before the court case began last year, warned that there had been an attempt to access his messages and told he should change his PIN number.

You can read the full article Here


Anonymous said...

Not posting up the stuff from the Screws, James?

James Doleman said...

If you have a link anon I'll consider it. Is there anything interesting in today's edition?

Best Regards


James Doleman said...

Hello again Anon, as I said if you have a link I'll certainly consider posting it.

Denizen said...

I have been enjoying the News of the World.

One of the extraordinary turn-arounds that seems to have happened is that this reverend organ has re-imagined itself as a protector of women's rights and a proud opponent of sexism.

No! This is not satire!

Even more extraordinary is that women now go running to the News of the World with tales of the terrible things that men have done to them. Not all of them are getting paid either - unless you count moral support such as that given to Fiona McGuire - as payment in kind. Men are bastards - or at least it is the bastards that capture the headlines. But the News of the World?

It is clear now that News International intend to attack and destroy anyone they perceive as standing against them. The opponent might not be very significant but that is an aspect of gangsterism through the ages: count not on the quality of the corpses but the number.

So they attack the witnesses for Tommy. They attack Aamer Anwar. They attack Andy Gray for daring to take them to court over phone-hacking. The message is - we will get you lot namely Prescott, Sienna Miller, Lewis etc etc. We'll get you in the end. Oh yes we will.

Meanwhile complacent judges, corrupt lawyers, enfeebled police forces and frightened politicians jump to their command.

We know their methods but if enough of us can resist and point the accusing finger and force the politicians to find a backbone then this moment can be a turning poing.

Steve said...

They have done their job as journalists this week.

The story seems to be behind the paywall, but I would not recommend commenting further on this story without reading it.

Voice said...

Just read it Steve, nothing to it as far as I can see. I'd advise people not to waste a pound.

Care to comment on the article you are commenting on or does that not fit your agenda?

James Doleman said...

Hello anon, for reasons that should be obvious that picture will not be posted.

Best Regards


Sheila Takeabow said...

The News of the World has definitely done some real journalistic work this week.
The Aamer Anwar story, in particular, is very interesting.
The other stuff, well, if Gail can live with it, then who am I to comment?
That photo has put me off my lunch, mind.

Mike Giggler said...

"The News of the World has definitely done some real journalistic work this week."

I wonder how they got the story, i might leave a voicemail on Sienna Millers phone to ask them

paw said...

What? Followers of this blog are buying copies of the NotW?

Say It Ain't So Joe said...

'The Economist' has some very good comment on NoTW hacking.

Note, however that the magazine says nothing about the any correlation between hacking and the Sheridan trial which, in its dry way, is eloquent comment on how central to the Sheridan trial hacking actually was or is.

Anonymous said...

Hi All
Reading up while I'm on holiday so can't see the papers, could somebody give a quick summary of what the articles are or about?

appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Could anwars phone not just be hacked by someone other than journalists? People get their phones and voicemails hacked everyday they just don't know it.
People are searching for deatils all the time, while you read this text someone is trying to get access to your laptop, pc, tablet, phone etc. So this might just be him being paranoid.

Anonymous said...

vodaphone warned me to, then I switched to orange and the same thing. Maybe I should sue to!

Jo G said...

"The News of the World has definitely done some real journalistic work this week"

Contradiction in terms surely.

Sheila, who are you to comment, indeed.

Anonymous said...

James, I was sickened and shocked at the crafty way the NOTW has implied that Bernard Ponsonby abused Rosie Kane in the street and called her a c!"£. I know it doesn't say outright but if you read both the article I am referring to it is clear what conclusion we are supposed to draw. In my opinion this is a clear case of defamation, what do you think, James?

Anonymous said...

NSFVAELSFSB (Not Suitable For Viewing After Eating Lorne Sausage For Sunday Brekkie)

Sheila Takeabow said...


followers may not be. Some readers are.

Jo G,

I'm confused by your remarks.

Jo G said...

Sheila, sorry, that should have read, "Who are WE to comment indeed." Sincere apologies.