Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andy Coulson Leaves Downing Street Job

Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
The Guardian is reporting that Andrew Coulson, editor of the News of the World from 2003 until 2007 and a witness in the trial of Tommy and Gail Sheridan, has ended his employment as the Prime Ministers Director of Communications. They are also reporting that he will not receive any severance pay  as "is in line with the standard contract for special advisers"

The full story is Here


Denizen said...

Good bye, for now, Andy. We will see you again in court.

Actually I don't even believe that. This country is run for the few and the many can lump it.

It seems that only the Trolle case remains (and not all of that). If that falls the supposed confessions are all low wind, high fantasy and Tommy trying to hold the centre together while the worst fall apart.

I cannot really believe that there will be anything substantive in the new e-mails. Still what gets me is the contempt for the courts that Bird and his bosses show. I thought that the Mumbai story was one of those that tested the credulity even of judges. Satirical almost. But that he should now discover that they were not sent to India or that they failed to investigate them - that is taking the piss out of the courts.

If the Law is there to justify the people of this country being impoverished by the rich, it is time that we reformed it. Egypt may well come here -26th March, march!

Still it will not take much to blow Trolle's evidence out the water. Have we watchers in Denmark? What do they know? In view of the recent police informers shagging activists stories; who were the informers in the SSP. Who are the informers? Who seems to have access to quite a lot of money?

Not that I advise confronting them. They are so useful for handing out literature - writing it even.

Sheila Takeabow said...


The idea that there is now nothing but Ms Trolle's utterly compelling evidence is just silly. All the evidence upon which Sheridan was convicted remains.

Who is aided by the baseless conspiracies that say this man is a victim?

Sheila Takeabow

Anonymous said...

"I cannot really believe that there will be anything substantive in the new e-mails."

Why were they not given to the defence then?. Oh!, I remember, they were lost?. Found again though, just when the heat is starting on NI. Looks like Murdoch is going to desert them all!. Everyman and woman for themselves. Nothing to do with Murdoch, fine, upstanding gentleman that he is. Just the sort of man that should get total control of the UK media.

Mata Hari said...

lol Denizen, there are spies everywhere. I can't imagine the SSP being any different. But it is all a bit besides the point; being "grassed up" doesn't make a person innocent, on the contrary. Yours Mata

Sharkey said...

James, I feel "jumping the shark" maybe applied to your blog soon.

You are beginning to ruin all of the great work you did by taking part in the conspiracy theories.

Sheridan lied; expected others to lie for him who quite rightly wouldn't and he was found out.

He nearly pocketed £200000, was paid £25000 by Berlusconi's media empire for Big Brother and has made his family suffer because of all of this.

Time to put this to bed, no?

James Doleman said...

Hello "Sharkey"

If you could point me to any example where we have "taken part in conspiracy theories" I would be happy to look at it.

I would say we have just reported events that have occuredm but as always I am open to argument,

Best Regards


Sharkeys wrongish said...

I am in partial agreement with "Sharkey".

I think this blog was good when the owners were doing the job of Court stenographers. It now seems only to be a place where links to reporters work on newspapers are places. It isn't a blog in the sense that the bloggers are giving their opinions, but their opinions are perhaps being reflected by the reports they are posting, or we are getting a false sense of their opinions.

Did I read somewhere that the bloggers were going to write their opinions?

I don't agree with Sharkey that the bloggers are promoting conspiracy theories. That would be the Sheridan supporters. Or have I got the bloggers intentions wrong?

Denizen said...

I didn't say Tommy was a victim. Maybe Gail was. But in a field strewn with victims, I'm sure Tommy doesn't even want to compete.

You could call this "The Victims' Story". No matter that Tommy didn't ruin the SSP (unless you are a believer in conspiracy theories); no matter that most of the women have made a pretty penny out of all this; no matter that you could hear a pin drop; no matter - I could go on forever. Everybody a victim except the one who went to prison?

Well as I have said I don't believe Tommy is a victim. He will return one day in glory.

That's my conspiracy theory. 'He will return to lay waste the victim stories of so many.'

Anyway you don't need conspiracies when it was so obvious that the SSP Exec wanted to get him; the News of the World wanted to get him; and the Lothians and Borders wanted to get him; and presumably the judge in the first trial wanted to get him. That's not a conspiracy theory. That is conspiracy fact. And I don't care if Tommy did ruin a few private schemes for passing money to relatives and friends we know that all the evidence that mattered was from Katrina Trolle. And if any of the evidence about the affair with Anvar Khan continuing after 2002 was allowed to influence the jury then the legal system in Scotland badly needs an overhaul. Was he found guilty for something that, at one point Anvar Khan, said could not have happened?

Brian P. said...

This has got tiresome, James. Please wind it up.

Claire said...

James, what's with the big "spike" in your page views, what happened then?

James Doleman said...

I think that was sentencing day Claire.

James Doleman said...

To the anon who keeps leaving the threatening messages, you really need to calm down a little. Surely you have worked out after three months that I'm not going to be intimidated by you and your friends.

You should also note that just because your message does not appear that does not mean it has been deleted, for legal reasons I keep a copy of every post submitted, posted or not


Steve said...

This is interesting on the leak of the tapes story:


Inconclusive, but interesting all the same. Focus has to shift to the BBC, it seems.

Bunc said...

James - just back for a look see. I hope you are logging the IP address of the threatening anonymous poster - its fairly easy to do.

jim mclean said...

JD for legal reasons I keep a copy of every post submitted, posted or not

God I would like to see some of the crap I wrote never mind anybody else?
Those supermarket beer deals!

James Doleman said...

Don't worry about that Jim, those I will take to the grave.

I don't normally track IP's bunc but I have with this particular individual as he is a repeat offender and has sent some pretty awful stuff over the last 3 months,

Steve said...

Time marches on, as they used to say (showing my age again here):


(replacement for Coulson)

Anonymous said...

sorry is this not an old story he resigned last week or the week before did he not?

James Doleman said...

He resigned last week but did not leave until yesterday anon.

So a follow up on an old story.

Watcher said...

Well well, as a junior in his very first job the new Downing Street supremo was known as 'son of filth' - his old man was Chief Const of Grampian polis.
Quelle surprise!

Norma Anderson said...

I'm gutted at Steve's post about the replacement for Coulson! My money was on you James!

Bunc said...

James - in the interest of balance I assume that you will post about this story?