Saturday, October 9, 2010


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  • reporting on court proceedings in breach of a court order or reporting restriction;
  • breaching an injunction obtained against another party;
  • anticipating the course of a trial or predicting the outcome; 


Anonymous said...

It is strange how Tommy brings into question his former friends character, it didn't seem to bother him when he asked him to be best man at his wedding. They say you can always tell the integrity of a man by the friends he what does this say about Tommy!

Anonymous said...

Anon asks so what does this say about Tommy!
A)Perhaps he should have been more careful in whom he could call friends.

Anonymous said...

Having watched last night's BBC Scotland documentary I am still not convinced of Tommy's guilt. The video tape evidence is highly questionable. Tommy is still a good man. He has fought long and hard against the bigots at the News International machine and I agree that it is them, their methods and their motives that should be investigated questioned. This whole sad affair was brought about by their need to pry into peoples private lives "in the public interest". This is ridiculous and should not be allowed to happen. Everyone should have a right to privacy. Many of their so called revalations are not in the public interest at all. We have to question their motives time and time again.They are scum.

Good luck Tommy. We wish you well.

Fair Game said...

I suppose you were up in arms when Jeffery Archer and got done.

Anonymous said...

After watching Tommy on BBC Scotland's documentary I could only compare him to Tony Blair. Entirely convinced by his own concoction of fantasy,lies and self justification. So, fifteen of his colleagues faced the same fate as he now does by committing perjury. By that argument Murdoch could have had a party locking the lot up. The sad fact is this man lied through his teeth. This man had my vote and has betrayed me because of the reckless course of action that he took.