Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 10 Morning Katrine Trolle

This morning a packed and hushed court heard the Advocate Depute, Alex Prentice QC, begin his examination of Katrine Trolle. Ms Troll, who has been flown over from Denmark for the trial, has told the court she had  a number of sexual liaisons with the defendant, Tommy Sheridan, including one at his office in Glasgow city chambers while he was a councillor. She has also stated that she visited the Cupid's club in Manchester with Mr Sheridan and others in 2002. 

Ms Troll is due to finish her evidence later on this afternoon and we will post a full update of her testimony then.


James Doleman said...

Thanks for the feedback Anonymous, I've corrected the points you raised.

Perhaps next time, if you can avoid the swearing, you may get your comment on the site.


Anonymous said...

*Katrine Trolle.

Jessica Fletcher P.I. said...

"Perhaps next time, if you can avoid the swearing, you may get your comment on the site."


It's going to get harder and harder for the spammers/commenters to dismiss the witnesses as the case goes on.

James Doleman said...
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Anonymous said...
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donaldb said...

Great work your doing here James - thanks.

Also some great comments. Ive been in court the last two days. First time ever! Still getting my head round whats going on.

I thought Katrine came over extremely well today. Quite amusing too - though probably unintentionaly. Must be nerve racking giving evidence in that situation.

Anonymous said...

James you say Andy MacFarlane is Gail's brother - he is not, he is married to her sister

James Doleman said...

Thanks anon, my mistake, corrected now.