Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 1 Morning

A beautiful sunny morning in Glasgow, Tommy Sheridan arrived at court at 9.30am to be met by a crowd of around 30 of his supporters. Accompanied by his wife Gail Sheridan (who is also a defendant) he entered the court making no comment to the large crowd of photographers and journalists gathered outside.

In a crowded courtroom the very long indictment had to be read twice as two jury members were excused after the first reading. The jury is made up of 13 women and two men. From the charges (see below) the leadership of the Scottish Socialist Party are to be the key witnesses in the first part of the case as the majority of the charges relate to Mr Sheridan allegedly perjuring himself in relation to statements to the SSP leadership on various occasions (again see full indictment below)

The main charge against Gail Sheridan seems to centre on a dispute involving dates where she claims to have been in UK with Mr Sheridan while the prosecution claims she was in Miami.

In Scottish courts there are no opening speeches to the Jury from the defence or the prosecution. So after the delay in swearing in the jury and instructions to the jury from the judge the court was adjourned until 2pm.

We understand that the first witness to be called will be Barbara Scott who is expected to testify as to the accuracy of the disputed minutes of the 9th November meeting of the SSP executive.

update Various sources reporting that Andy Coulson will be called as a witness in case. confirmation when we get it.

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