Thursday, December 16, 2010

Graeme McIvor evidence in chief

The second witness to appear in court number four this morning was Graeme McIvor. Questioned by Tommy Sheridan, who is conducting his own defence, Mr McIvor told the court that he had originally been cited as a Crown witness but had not been called to testify. Mr Mcivor also confirmed that he was the National Secretary of Solidarity, the party set up by Mr Sheridan and others when they left the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) Mr McIvor then told the court that in 2004 he had been the South of Scotland organiser of the SSP and in that capacity was a member of the executive committee of the party. Mr Sheridan asked the witness of he had attended the executive meeting of the 9th of November 2004 at which, the prosecution allege, that Mr Sheridan admitted attending a "sex club" in Manchester. Mr McIvor confirmed that he had, and was asked "what happened."

Mr McIvor told the court that Mr Sheridan had spoken "first or second" and had "categorically denied" that he had visited any "sex club" Mr Sheridan asked, that as other witnesses had given different accounts of the meeting, if could he be mistaken, Mr McIvor stated "I am clear in my recall." Mr Sheridan then asked the witness about what further discussion had taken place after he had left the meeting. Mr McIvor replied "The major view" was that you should not take action against the News of the World and that "courtrooms are not a place socialists should be" adding that the party was in an "acute financial crisis and almost bankrupt" and that he feared they could face "sequestration" and "deep trouble."

Mr McIvor was then asked how he had traveled home after the 9th November meeting. The witness told the court that he had driven home and listed the people with him as; Pat Smith, Catriona Grant, Colin Fox and Rosemary Byrne. Mr Sheridan asked if in the car there was a discussion about "minutes" beween Barbara Scott and Catriona Grant. Mr McIvor replied that there had been a "number of discussions but not about minutes." adding that Ms Grant and Ms Scott were "not fond of you" and had an "animated discussion" that he had felt nessesary to interrupt as Rosemary Byrne had "taken exception to it" and this had led to an argument. 

Mr Sheridan then asked Mr McIvor about two subsequent meetings of the SSP executive, held on the the 14th November 2004 and the 24th November 2004. Mr McIvor told the court that while at statement had been agreed no minute of the 9th of November meeting had been presented or ratified. Mr Sheridan ended his questioning by asking Mr McIvor if he had "told the truth" which he said he had, and if he had been "offered money for his testimony" Mr McIvor replied that "money, no but I was hoping to get my bus fare home" Mr Sheridan responded "you will have to see Mr Anwar about that" to laughter in the court. Mr Sheridan then ended his evidence in chief and returned to his seat in the dock.


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