Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tommy Sheridan's Summation Part 7: The Conclusion of Day One.

The High Court of Glasgow, Interior View (Via STV)
When the court reconvened at around 3pm this afternoon,  Mr Sheridan again rose from his seat in the dock to address the jury. He told the "ladies and gentlemen" that he apologised that he would not be finishing his summation today as there were "so many points to be made." Mr Sheridan added I am speaking for my life here."

Mr Sheridan then asked the jury to recall that before the adjournment he had been asking them to "consider the demeanor of George McNeilage" and he had suggested that his "testimony had been bought and paid for" and suggested to the jury that they may not regard Mr McNeilage as "credible or reliable."  Mr Sheridan then asked the jury to reflect on the other witnesses the prosecution had asked to testify that it was his voice on the disputed tape. Mr Sheridan then stated that none of those who had spoken to the matter on behalf of the Crown were "independent witnesses."
Mr Sheridan then listed the other three witnesses who had said it was his voice on the tape. These were, Colin Fox,  Alan McCombes, and Caroline Leckie and said that the "the idea that these individuals are independent does not bear examination. Mr Sheridan then turned to the Advocate Depute's statement, in his summation yesterday, that had described his witnesses on the veracity of the tape as "relatives and lifelong friends" 

Mr Sheridan challenged this statement, listing witnesses he stated did not fit that description. He asked the jury to look at the contrast in demeanor between a defence witness Duncan Boyle, who had said in court "he had too many grandchildren for Christmas" and a Crown witness William Moore. While, in Mr Sheridan's words, Mr Boyle, a 72 year old retired pipe fitter,  had been respectful of the court and shown he was of the "old school" by calling the judge sir. Mr Sheridan then asked the jury to consider the "demeanor" of Willliam Moore who had engaged in a "foul mouthed tirade" and had called Mr Sheridan a "wee shit." Mr Sheridan stated to the jury that it was up to them to decide on the "credibility" of witnesses but that he "knew which one he would want on his side."

Mr Sheridan then continued to review for the jury some of the other defence witnesses who had testified on the question of the tape. Mr Sheridan highlighted the evidence of Phillp Stott that the tape was "too neat" and that it "ticked all the boxes." Mr Sheridan then asked the jury to recall the testimony of George McNeilage where he had said Mr Sheridan had already, in Mr Sheridan's words, "told him everything" The jury was then asked to consider why, if Mr Sheridan had already made admissions to Mr McNeilage during two car journeys, "why would I speak to him about it again" on the tape.

After touching on the testimony of his two sisters,  Lynn and Carol, of whom Mr Sheridan told the jury he was "proud of their achievements" they had made and noted  that being a member of his family "would not excuse them for perjury." 

Mr Sheridan concluded his summation for the day by asking the jury to recall what he called "the sunbed story." Mr Sheridan asked the jury to consider that the the Advocate Depute had "seemed to dismiss" Katrine Trolle's statement that she had seen a sunbed when she had claimed to have been at Mr Sheridan's home. Mr Sheridan then remarked to the jury that the Advocate Depute, Alex Prentice QC, "was from Edinburgh" and therefore "perhaps was not aware of the tag sunbed socialist, that was applied to me" Mr Sheridan then asked the jury to consider that "it was a pity that Katrine Trolle doesn't know Paisley Road West" adding that it would be "superflous to own a sunbed" there. Mr Sheridan described that as a "stupid remark that undermines her testimony." Mr Sheridan then ended his summation for the day.

Lord Bracadale then adjourned the court for the day.

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