Friday, November 5, 2010

George McNeilage

The court is now (Friday morning) hearing from George McNeilage. Mr McNeilage has testified that he has known Mr Sheridan for 34 years, since they were at school together. The witness has stated he is the person who made a video tape of Mr Sheridan that was later passed to the News of the World. (for information about the tape see account Here )

Mr McNeilage  testified that he met Mr Sheridan in the defendant's car on two occasions prior to the meeting he allegedly taped. The witness claimed that on both these occasions Mr Sheridan admitted to attending a "Sex club" an admission that Mr McNeilage called a "betrayal of my trust." The witness had further testified that Mr Sheridan was discussing this with him as Mr McNeilage was "crucial" to his support in Pollok and was "his link to the community."

The witness then told the court his account of the making of the video. Mr McNeilage stated he invited Mr Sheridan to a council house in Pollok he was renovating, and hid the camera under some tiles and other debris and lined the camera up with a poster of Gordon Gentle (a soldier from the area who was killed in Iraq) The witness informed the court that his motivation was that Mr Sheridan was refusing to meet other people from the community, people who, in the witnesses opinion, he "owed" an explanation. Mr McNeilage also told the court that he had informed an SSP member, William Moore, of his intention to record Mr Sheridan.

The witness agreed with the Advocate Depute that he had previously stated, in the News of the World and later on television, that he had been "asked" to make the tape as it "sounded a bit better." However Mr McNeilage told the court today that this was untrue and he had acted on his own.

The court is now viewing the tape (it is around 45 minutes long)

The case continues.


Anonymous said...

Its great how they are all able to change their stories. In what way does saying he was "asked" sound better?

Anonymous said...

When are we going to able to see this tape in full?

Magnum PI said...

What kind of person secretly films their best friends? I hope the money was worth it, I'm sure he is not so well regarded in his community now.

Bergerac P.I. said...

It's a bit beside the point though Magnum, what we are interested in is whether or not this tape is genuine.

Jessica Fletcher P.I. said...

Magnum P.I.
Bergerac P.I

I reckon all three of us should attend the next Tory party conference. Through our combined presence we could probably reduce their membership to about 5.

The Real Magnum P.I. said...

Good idea, Jessica Fletcher P.I.

Magnum P.I. - beware of cheap imitations.

hwpziqdo said...
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