Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Louise Cumberbirch

The first two witnesses of the day were a married couple Louise and Anthony Cumberbirch. Mrs Cumberbirch testified first and informed the court that she had been a member of Cupids since 1998, a establishment she described as a "private members adult club." When asked by the Advocate Depute, Alex Prentice QC, if she would describe Cupids a "sex club" the witness replied "you can get that there." 

Ms Cumberbirch was then asked to describe two other people she knew from the club, "Robbie and Stella" which she did, and was then asked if the club had ever been visited by people from Scotland, to which she replied that happened "lots of times" Mr Prentice then asked the witness about a specific occasion and described a visit by a group of five, three men and two women. She told the court she remembered the occasion was 2002 as it was the year before she had been married.

Mrs Cumberbirch was then asked to describe the group which she did and she further identified the house where she claimed they party had visited after the club closed. However  when asked if she would recognise any of the group again she said she could not. Finally the witness denied she had received any money for her story and, with that, Mr Prentice ended his questions and Mr Sheridan informed the court he had no questions for the witness.

Mrs Cumberbirtch was then allowed to step down from the stand


Steve said...

Sure Louise deserves a comment! She mentioned a telephone number which you forgot to mention for example.

James Doleman said...

She did yes, forgot about that after her husbands testimony. I'll add that bit.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's all give Louise a comment; the poor woman must be feeling left out.

Anonymous said...

She remembered something because it was roughly a year before her wedding? Does getting married sharpen your memory in retrospect?