Monday, November 1, 2010

Susan Dobbie

The second witness this morning was Susan Dobbie. Alex Prentice QC, acting for the Crown, asked Ms Dobbie if she had ever met Tommy Sheridan. The witness told the court she had met him twice, the first time in a bar in Glasgow city centre when he had been in the company of "lots of guys" and the second when he met up with her and they had driven to a flat "in the "West end."
Ms Dobbie further told the court that also at the flat were Andrew McFarlane, whom she told the court was introduced as Mr Sheridan's brother in law, and Anvar Khan. She stated that they had been drinking and chatting. When asked what she was drinking Ms Dobbie said beer and added that the others had been drinking wine from miniature bottles, which she did not recognise at the time as she "hadn't been on a plane." With that Mr Prentice thanked the witness for her evidence and returned to his seat.

Mr Sheridan then briefly cross examined the Ms Dobbie. He asked of she or her partner had ever taken money from the News of the World newspaper, Ms Dobbie said they had not. He then put to her that she had said in her police statement she had been smoking cannabis, which the witness confirmed. Mr Sheridan then suggested that the cannabis use could affect memory, to which again the witness agreed. Mr Sheridan then suggested to the witness that he could not be sure he had never met her, but was sure he had never done in the company on Anvar Khan. Finally he put it to Ms Dobbie that he had "got to put it to her that she was mistaken" to which she responded she was not mistaken. Mr Sheridan then returned to the dock.

The Advocate depute then rose and asked Ms Dobbie if she had told the truth, to which she replied "yes." With that he thanked the witness and she was allowed to step down.

The final witness of the day was Alan McCombes whose testimony we will report later this evening.

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