Thursday, November 18, 2010

Summary - Sheridan Trial, Thursday 18th November

Today saw testimony from:

Pamela Stella Tucker - a customer of Cupid's Health Club and a witness to one of Mr Sheridan's alleged visits there.
Ian Johnston - a Union Representative from the Manchester area.
Dr Nicholas McKerrell - law lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University and SSP member, and a witness to alleged confessions by Mr Sheridan of having visited Cupid's Health Club.
Kenneth Lang - solicitor with Mellicks, the firm used by News of the World Scotland.

The court rose for the day at 12:20, with Lord Bracadale explaining to the jury that the trial would resume tomorrow morning with the cross-examination of Mr Lang, allowing time today for some preparation.

More details to follow.

By Whatsy


Rolo Tomasi said...

Why no mention of Dr Nick McKerrell's evidence? It seemed pretty powerful to me - why would he lie in court, and how could he, given what he does for a living?

James Doleman said...

Reports are done on order of witness appearance Rolo. Dr McKerrill's testimony will be the subject of our next report.

Anonymous said...

Dr Nick McKerrell belongs along with Elizabeth Quinn, the couple in Aberdeen/Dundee and the tape. Dr Nick McKerrell would have to be clinically insane to perjure himself in a perjury trial... unless he had been offered payment by the NotW, but of course that is for the Jury to decide.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.31

I do not assume that Dr. McKerral has recieved any payment from the NoTW, the evidence of payments presented is so heavily redacted that who has recieved payments is obscure i do not believe that Dr McKerral will be on that list.
In time I believe that all payments and to whom will appear so that we can see who has gained from this sad tale.

Anonymous said...

5.31. It is not for the jury to decide whether McKerrell received payment from the News of the World. There has been no suggestion from the defence that he has.

It is for the jury to decide whether the Sheridans committed perjury during the 2006 civil action, nothing more.