Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Press Articles - A Collection Of Links

In no particular order we have listed here links that reference articles that may be of interest to those people who have been following the perjury trial of Tommy Sheridan vs HMA.   Readers should note this is far from an exhaustive list and focuses mostly on articles written after the conclusion of the trial.


Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday


Daily Record



Bunc said...

You missed this detailed and balanced report of the case;
Tommy Sheridan found Guilty

Whatsy said...


Did I Bunc? Did I really?

That link doesn't seem to be working, although I've an idea where it was meant to lead...

Whatsy said...

> Moderation <

James seems to be offline today, but we can't post unsubstantiated comments about anybody, especially someone who it is being reported is subject to a perjury investigation, and certainly not from someone claiming to be a potential witness.

Hope you understand.
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Whatsy said...

> Moderation <
@Bunc: Whooops! No way!
Made me laugh though.
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Bunc said...

Whatsy I am surprised that you would deprive your readers of such a scoop article. The ScotlandtheDamp blog is well known and respected for the quality of it's investigative journalism.

knock knock said...

I read the linked page before whatsy had a fit of decency and censorship and deleted the link.

A post I did last night never got pass the vetting stage again. It's getting more and more Restrictive on what's allowed to be put up. Maybe another website should be started to allow for the more humorous posts. It all stinks of censorship and stalinist tactics.

James Doleman said...

Hello Knock Knock, the post you made last night would not have been published at any stage in the trial. I'm sorry if you are unhappy with the comments policy however I am the person who would have to justify posting that if I received a complaint.

Best Regards


Feeling Cheery said...

To Bunc,
Thanks for the link to the Damp website, hadn't seen that one before and haven't laughed so much in ages, very witty. Do you have anymore websites like this you feel like sharing. Also you mentioned a while ago that you have your own Blog, can you give us the link?

Bunc said...

Feeling Cheery - Im glad that you are. My main blog link can be found in my comments signature. I do have others which I share when the notion takes me.

As for humorous posts I could perhaps host these on the Scotlandthedamp blog if folk want to submit these to me. I would have to reserve some editing rights though as although I sail closer to the wind than this blog I also don't want to end up being an involuntary sex object in one of HMPs.


(Thanks James if you allow this )

Steve said...

How about:

Whatsy said...

@Steve - thanks - added to the main article.