Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tommy Sheridan Mitigation Speech in Full

The BBC have posted a full transcript of Tommy Sheridan's speech of mitigation.

It can be found Here


CB said...

Since Tommy Sheridan is being compared with Thomas Muir, it may be worth recalling the latter's "plea in mitigation":

"Is the time come when the mind must be locked up, and fetters imposed on the understanding? Are the people to be precluded from that information and knowledge in which others are so materially concerned?

"Oh unhappy country. Miserable people, the remembrance of former liberties will only make you more wretched. Extinguish then, if you can, the light of heaven, and let us grope, and search for consolation, if it can be found under the darkness which will soon cover us.

"Gentlemen of the jury, this is perhaps the last time I shall address my country. I have explored the tenor of my past life. Nothing shall tear me from the record of my former days.

"Gentlemen, from my infancy to this moment I have devoted myself to the cause of the people. It is a good cause - it shall ultimately prevail - it shall finally triumph.

"Gentlemen, the time will come when men must stand or fall by their actions - when all human pageantry shall cease - when the hearts of all shall be laid open.

"I am careless and indifferent to my fate, I can look danger and I can look death in the face, for I am shielded by the consciousness of my own rectitude. I may be condemned to languish in the recess of a dungeon - I may be doomed to ascend the scaffold. Nothing can deprive me of the past - nothing can destroy my inward peace of mind, arising from the remembrance of having discharged my duty."

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear.

Arthur Fyfie said...

Thomas Muir was jailed for political reasons. Sheridan was jailed for lying in order to maintain a false image held at the time of scrabble playing, peace loving, monogamist angry socialist. He should have held his hands up and said keys, or denied everything. If he had, he would be leading Scotland's third biggest party by now.

Please, please, although I think the sentence is questionable, do not mix this up with people like Muir. Sheridans speech was all about using those around him to try to save himself which shouldn't surprise anyone as he has blamed everyone only himself for his downfall.

CB said...


I find myself in agreement with you, or I would if you could change the "only" in your last line to "except".

The two imprisoned Thomases indeeed have little in common, except the strange similarity of the titles of the judges in their cases - Bracadale and Braxfield.

Makes you think!

James Doleman said...

Hello Fdd, sorry but I'd rather leave that issue until I am sure there are no ongoing active investigations into that. Not that I have any idea if there are I hasten to add.

all the best


Anne said...

"Gentlemen, the time will come when men must stand or fall by their actions - when all human pageantry shall cease - when the hearts of all shall be laid open."
Think this is about all that Thomas Moore's speech can tell us about Sheridan. The idea of comparing their characters and experiences as persecuted heroes is an affront to human dignity. Get real. There are a few other lines from the famous play of Moore's trials which are more incisive when comparing Mr.Sheridan with this 'Man for All Seasons'.

'Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Wales?'

In Mr Sheridan's case, score out Wales and insert 'Cupid's'