Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guardian article

The Guardian has been good enough to publish an article based on a post I wrote on "Social media and the Sheridan trial." It can be found Here

One thing I didn't highlight was all of the people who made it possible for the blog to happen at all, the people who encouraged me to keep writing, those who helped me get into court every day, and of course Whatsy for all of their help. So If I can just make it clear that I appreciate all of you and the help you gave me.




paw said...

Well done James.

I hope that you were paid well for this article. I seem to recall reading a similar article by you in which you pointed out that the TV journalist would be well paid for his two minutes!

You have got as lot of things right first time, which is unusual in innovation in any field.

Also the photo is better! Now I know what 'the blogger' looks like!

Good luck with the book.

Avid Reader said...


I'm delightd to see you getting some recognition from the mainstream media for the great job you did throughout the trial.

I'm also delighted to see that you are continuing the blog. The stuff about the NotW journalist being suspended is very interesting.

I hope you will keep us informed about any future trial related news.

Jemasie Cettor Esq. Gavon said...

Thanks James - and to the Grauniad for recognising your unsung toil. A great way to follow complex proceedings at a distance and deny at least two Glaswegians any meaningful sleep for 12 weeks!

Fyodor Dostoyevsky said...

"crime and punishment" - who is that a reference to, James?

James Doleman said...

You guessed it Fyodor, obviously it was a reference to this classic work.

Rashkalnikov said...

Thought as much :-)

mature feminist socialist said...

very well done James- your blog will be a great teaching aid too -modern studies courses etc.

I too think it's great you're continuing - as the phone hacking issue will continue........

Anner MacLeod said...

Have been delighted with your blog and the excellent work you have put into it. It is good to see your work will continue and I will follow with interest.

Thank you

CJ said...

This is something that a lot more innocent people should be doing:

Chris Jeffries to Sue Police

well, according to Sky News (part of the Murdoch Empire)

Denizen said...


I'll second all of the above.

knock knock said...

Yes James you have done a decent job over 3 months hopefully the mirror, herald or guardian will give you a court reporter job or maybe you should just do it yourself and sell the reports as freelance.

I'm sure you could do a Mr and Mrs s special and get a few quid for that. The public would love to read that if it comes out.