Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scottish Television Interview with Tommy Sheridan

Bernard Ponsonby

Shortly before his sentencing Tommy Sheridan conducted an interview with Scottish Television's Bernard Ponsonby

The full video of that interview can be viewed Here


Steve said...

More from the horse's mouth:

Gillian said...

Bernard is a top man.

Critical-eye said...

The most interesting question by Bernard Ponsonby is whether TS has any regrets. His answer was that he regretted being naive in the way he trusted some people in the way that the loyalty he had shown to them would be reciprocated.

I believe that this is a coded reference to the SSP 9/11 meeting. It answers a question I have long had in my mind - why did he confess to that meeting? The implication of his answer is that he confessed, expecting loyalty from them, and when he also said that he intended to sue the NOTW he expected the members of the SSP executive to "show loyalty" and back him.

In his view loyalty to him took priority over truth and honesty.

Firestater said - There is an old saying used over the years by true socialist's, "Never Grass Your Class, no matter what". TS took this attitude, which in itself can justify all manner of evil, one step further by identifying class loyalty with personal loyalty to him! Megalomania or what?

Anonymous said...

Like all convicts I would bet that the only thing that we can say for certain that Tommy Sheridan regrets is that of getting caught.

Anonymous said...

Did "Critical Eye" ever see Mr Coulson and others give evidence to the commons select committee investigating the phone tapping.

There were a procession of people who "could not recall" or "to my recollection"...The stench of hypocrisy around this whole affair is overpowering.

jim mclean said...

has anybody else ended up here and thought they had lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

According to the mitigation plea the original NOW story was about Fiona McGuire, and TS sued on the basis of that story. It is claimed the "Cupid's story" was introduced by NOW in their defence.
How then could the visit to Cupid's have been discussed at an SSP meeting prior to the accusation being known about?
Very strange.