Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gail Sheridan "Not standing in Holyrood elections"

The Guardian's Scottish correspondent, Severin Carrell, has just reported, via Twitter, that Gail Sheridan has confirmed she will not be standing as a candidate in the 2011 Holyrood elections. More information to come when we get it.

Update 1pm
BBC Scotland's Raymond Buchanan has confirmed the story and has this  quote from Gail Sheridan "I would have welcomed the challenge" of Holyrood but priority is caring for young daughter now husband in jail.

STV are quoting Mrs Sheridan as adding
"“I am flattered by those Solidarity members and members of the public who considered me good enough to stand for the Scottish Parliament.
"As a lifelong trade unionist and advocate of workers’ rights I would have welcomed the challenge. However, given Tommy’s imprisonment my priority is caring for our beautiful daughter."In the coming elections I will be supporting and voting for Solidarity and will be encouraging other to do likewise.”

Update 2pm
Solidarity Scotland have now issued a press statement on Gail Sheridan's decision not to stand for Holyrood:

 After a period of deliberation, Solidarity member Gail Sheridan has today announced that she does not want to be considered as a candidate for the party at the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

We offer our full support and Solidarity to Gail and her family at this difficult time.

Solidarity continues to be involved in talks with possible coalition partners for the Holyrood poll and following the conclusion of these discussions we will meet as a party on February 19th to make final decisions on our plans and election strategy.

Whether we stand on our own, or as part of a wider coalition, Solidarity members will put at the heart of the campaign our opposition to the scandalous cuts proposed by the main parties that ensure ordinary people have to pay the price for the bail out of the banks.


Anonymous said...

Still no selection of candidates for solidarity, anywhere.

Their front-runner is in jail, and the next candidate that would have assuredly polled at 18% across Glasgow won't stand.

This isn't looking good. Jump ship and get behind Galloway?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Lord B to throw his hat into the ring for the Solidarity candidacy...

Hamish said...

Sorry to be thick, but who is Lord B?

CB said...

Any Lord B - Bracadale or Braxfield - Count Vlad Dracul the Impaler, anyone, only just not Gorgeous G, for pity's sake.


Anonymous said...

Great news for Galloway. I think I will support the SLP now that Gail isn`t standing!. I will not support anyone or party that has anything to do with the ssp, take that as gospel.

Anonymous said...

this would have been a disaster, she already knew she would not get any votes, TS only got 700 last time round. Lets get real now. Candidates that stand a chance need to stand.

Steve said...

More fun on the Council story though: