Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Trials of Tommy

BBC Radio Scotland yesterday broadcast a thirty minute  programme, "The Trials of Tommy" which has actors recreating key parts of the trial. This can be heard Here 

The three commentators on the case are Raymond Buchanan of the BBC, Alison Campsie of the Herald and myself,


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly even handed, James.

Hamish said...

Thanks for the link James.
The three commentators each provided useful input.
The best actor IMO was the one doing Tommy. (Could he have been the one on the McNeilage tape? Only joking).
The sad truth is that Tommy Sheridan lied.
The evidence was overwhelming that he DID go to Cupid's and DID cheat on his wife.
Others told lies too. Perhaps bigger lies. But that doesn't put him in the clear.

Peter said...

Hamish you say,

"The evidence was overwhelming that he did cheat on his wife?"

Overwhelming? Really?

Which Crown witnesses claimed they witnessed sex acts? Lets check.

Only 2. Who they?

Ms Khan errrrr OK

and Ms Trolle.

Ms Khans affair claims were not upheld by the jury.

Ms Trolles affair claim it appears was.

So at best, in terms of witnesses to actual sex, it was Trolles word against Sheridan - that is not "overwhelming" is it Hamish be fair.

Kany choose to believe Ms Trolle. Some cosider her accounts of these events to have certain flaws.

Changing the dates of the alleged Cupids trip various times and by as much as a year was noted by the judge for instance.

Intriguingly no other witness recalls the 9 handed orgy in Wigan Ms Trolle claimed took place after Cupids.

Strange that. Kind of thing that would stick in your mind. No?

Nothing to worry about there I am sure.

What I suggest you consider Hamish is respect that the jury reached a decision by majority only. Not overwhelming.

A full two thirds of the supposedly overwhelming charges were thrown out. Not overwhelming.

Gail was acquitted of all charges. Not overwhelming.

All the charges of perjury against the other alibi witnesses were dropped.

A sentence at the lower end was given. Not overwhelming.

The Crownn, the NOTW and the SSP are seeking to present a marginal case as more than it is.

They got the result they wanted.

I suggest that exagerrating what the strength of that case was just brings attention to its inherent weaknesses. They doth protest too much.

Kubla Khan said...


'Doth protest too much' is a fitting description of your contributions to this blog.