Thursday, January 27, 2011

BBC Scotland Yesterday

We thought people outside Scotland may be interested to view two BBC Scotland discussions about the sentencing of Tommy Sheridan. The first is from "The Politics Show" broadcast yesterday afternoon where Gregor Gall, John Curtice and myself discuss the implications of the trial for the Scottish Left. That debate begins 31.30 minutes into the Programme.

The second link is from yesterday evening's  Newsnight Scotland where there is an interview with Mr Sheridan's lawyer Aamer Anwar.  George Galloway and two witnesses from the trial, Francis Curran and Phillip Stott also discuss the outcome of the case and it's political implications. You can view the full programme Here


Not a SUN Worshipper said...

Looking forward to the forthcoming election after hearing a little teaser from George Galloway in the three way interview. He kept his powder dry, but hearing his brief reference to Frances Curran and her political career built on lies was a touch of brilliance. Pity TS didn't think of that during cross examination.
For decades FC and her comrades lied consistently in 121s, groups, meetings, press interviews, and TV appearances about their membership of Militant.
They practiced a Trotskyist tactic called entrism, being a party within a party. It was against Labour Party rules so they lied about it consistently.
How does this equate with the SSP line that honesty is the most important of values, the public must never be lied to, etc etc.
Their whole careers, and several of their comrades election campaigns when elected as Labour councillors, were built on a tissue of lies.

paw said...

Frances Curran comes over very well on "Newsnight". Despite the charges made that the SSP joined a conspiracy of the the establishment, she points out that the trial just finished really came about because Sheridan failed to listen to the advice of the majority of the executive in the party that he co-founded.

Just over eight years after the original visit to the sex club, if Sheridan had followed the advice of the party, and not sued the NoTW, would there be such a mess as we see on the left at the moment? It might have been all forgotten by now.

Whatever would have happened could not have been as bad as the bitter rivalry between the SSP and Solidarity, parties which have almost identical policies.

Good to see you on the "Politics Show", James.

Steve said...

The bit about social movements sounded liked John Anderson of old.

Doleman for First Minister!

Jim R. said...

Here are a couple of other articles in today's press offering analysis -


paw said...

Here's an article that followers of this blog should read from today's Guardian;

Young Angry Radical said...

James - well done on the appearance on BBC Scotland. A job in the media for you? You deserve it.

Glad to see you are not turning this blog into a "Free Tommy Sheridan" site.

Sheridan unnecessarily split the left, and to impose his face/highjack the new movements with claims of him being the leader of a radical movement would just be wrong.

Those defending him should take it outside the political sphere. Solidarity should do the right thing and dissolve.

not politically affilliated said...

Watched the Newsnight programme. No chance imo that what's currently on offer under the guise of Scottish Socialism will appeal to disillusioned Labour or SNP voters. I fully expect "Solidarity" to campaign on a "Sheridan for First Minister" ticket and the remnants of the SSP elect George McNeilage as their PR spokesman. As for not so gorgeous George, Celebrity Jungle beckons.

Denizen said...

I must be really profound.

Lurved the shirt, James.

Not a bad TV appearance either.

Anonymous said...

well done james, as someone who has palpitations when doing a powerpoint presentation in an interview I admired your poise although I don't share your politics! Wonder what direction you'd like for your future .......... Media or politics ? Or something else?

Binky from the New Club said...

If Aamer Anwar is interviewed again it would be an interesting line of questioning to ask him whether the defence instructed expert analysis of the McNeilage tape.

Anonymous said...

He'd probably dodge such a question, in fact he's so good at that I can see a future in politics. Sadly we don't yet have a Paxmaneque type in Scottish media yet.