Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kenneth Roy and Ian Mcwhirter

Two of the best known Scottish political journalists, Kenneth Roy and Ian Macwhiter have articles published on the Sheridan case this morning that we thought may be of interest

Ian Macwhirter Writes 
"This whole episode has been a farce - and an expensive one for the tax payers who have to pay most of the costs of the police investigation and the trial.     Even the sentence was a joke. Sheridan will spent a year or so in Castle Huntly open prison, burnishing his anti-establishment image,  then he’ll be back on the streets again, surrounded by cheering admirers.   He will use his time in prison wisely, no doubt writing his memoirs - which is how disgraced politicians traditionally use such enforced leisure - and campaigning for penal reform.  He may even be back on the campaign trail for the Holyrood elections in 2015.  Well, why not?   There is nothing to prevent a convicted criminal, even one who lied under oath, from standing for parliament after he has paid his debt to society."  

Kenneth Roy meanwhile looks at  The Scottish media's reporting of the case Arguing
" It was perhaps too much to expect that the humanity of Lord Bracadale – earlier demonstrated in his decision to continue bail for a month before sentencing – would set a rational example to the tweeting mob in and around the court. As it happened, it was the only exhibition of humanity on display as the prisoner went down. Elsewhere there was a viciousness quite breathtaking to behold" adding  " The press coverage this morning is, of course, more cruel and horrible than anything of which the BBC, even in its present low condition, is capable. 'Daddy's Away to Work' screams the Daily Mail....'What lying Sheridan will tell his little girl while he's in a jail cell'. Journalists have been defined as people who make small children cry in the playground. It is difficult to say which is more repellent – the readiness to victimise children or the high moral tone in which it is done. "

Several readers in the comments have also mentioned this Piece from Kenneth Roy yesterday, which is very complimentary about the blog.

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"Tommy Sheridan: Well Red cellmates in Trotsky, Lenin and Castro"